“Your eye” explores how context displacement ignites and fuels metastable meaning systems questioning estrangement narratives and authorship as power play.

“Your eye” deploys in various pieces simple subversion strategies that compound to undermine layers of meaning while seeding the space with plentiful creations.

“Your eye” is debriefed inside the “Space of Truth”:

In a semi-structured process participants are guided through painful frustration to cathartic creation assembling soldered paths into a custom made “Compass” for guidance around a multivariate world.

Translation Nr. 1

“Your eye” plays with various elements that make “works of art” in an attempt to see how “non artists/spectators” interpret and thus give meaning to these elements. In this game the “non artists/spectators” are arguably more directly involved and more in control of the “meaning” thereby creating the work.

“Your eye” uses various little objects, signs, activities that “pretend to be art” or that “pretend to be functional objects”. We’ll make it clear to the non-artist/spectators on their way in, that not everything is “art”, and that things that don’t look like “art” may be.

We talk about “Your eye” in a space that we call “Space of Truth”:

When the “non-artist/spectator” enters the “SoT” a facilitator asks questions that will move from personal to opinions about the works of art. Choosing one/a few of the items issued the above strategies, the facilitator asks the “non-artist/spectator” to interpret the meaning in their personal context.

The “Compass” is the edited interpretation and acts like a Rorschach test result.

Translation Nr. 2

“Your eye” fucks with what people think art is AND what people think is not/cannot be art. In this process people start seeing art and art objects everywhere.

1.”Your eye” might do things like: sell warm tea or water by a (method) actor who pretends to be a salesperson, shine artsy lights on blank walls or on a switch that doesn’t work, change/add to labels on some products, etc.

Making a new work of art:

One by one, individuals will be “selected”, or can schedule themselves to go into “SoT”. Prior to entry, people’s details are taken (Name, other contact, email, fingerprints), Then they have a one to one conversation with an “insider”. We try to get very to very personal issues and on the basis of that priming we expose to interpretation one or a few of the items we created.
Depending on the depth we can make a custom “Compass” that we send to the author personally or/and we create a website with all this new art.

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